The Soapbox

Places where the Bare Facts has been mentioned and some of my observations about nudity on video tape.


Okay, I admit it, I'm a nerd, a geek, what have you. I like to watch TechTV.

I had a radio interview with Leo Laporte about my book when he was on a local Bay Area radio station (KNBR) a long time ago (probably around 1994-1995). I even donated money to Leo's MacQueue Bulletin Board System way back in 1985. I met Martin Sargent at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2001. I was always hoping to get interviewed on TechTV. They finally created a perfect show for me to be a guest on: Unscrewed with Martin Sargent. By coincidence, just when I was trying to get booked on the show, the producer emailed me asking if I wanted to be a guest. The show I was a guest on aired on November 6, 2003. I'm sure it will be repeated occasionally. Keep an eye out for it.


Edward Margulies gave a nice long review for the book on Movieline Online. Scroll down and click on "Sounds, Scans and Pages." Then scroll down and click on "Read Any Good Showbiz Books Lately? (Part Two)."

12.17.98 - MR. SHOWBIZ

Jeffery Wells talked with me about nudity in films for his Showbiz Confidential column at Mr. Showbiz. (It is listed in his December 17, 1998 column. Scroll down to the "BARELY HOLLYWOOD" heading.)


Actress Debbie Rochon interviewed me on her web based talk show, Illumination Gallery. I had a fun time discussing the book with Debbie and Peter Schmideg. It aired on January 1, 1998. If you missed it, you can find it in their show archives. Check it out by clicking on the logo below to go to, then use the "SELECT A SHOW!" pull-down menu to select "Illumination Gallery." For the next week, it will be under "play LAST show." After that, it will be in "archives." (You'll need to use Real Audio/Video player to listen/watch.)

10.11.97 - 99 LIVES

99 Lives

The web site 99 Lives conducted an interview with me awhile back. Click here to read it. The interviewer, Mike Mayo, also has written a book that might interest Bare Facts readers. It's called VideoHound's Video Premieres. He gives detailed reviews to many great B-movies that most ordinary people might not have heard of (but Bare Facts readers may have!). Mike is a great supporter of The Bare Facts Video Guide, he and I share a lot of common adoration of some of the actresses and films we review!

6.26.97 - SPY MENTION

The Bare Facts Video Guide is mentioned in an article in Spy magazine (August 1997--Gillian Anderson on the cover). It is in an article about body doubles. The author interviews Shelley Michelle, Shawn Lusader, Joyceline Lew and Donna Baltron. The article starts on page 58. Incidentally, I'm pretty sure that during one of my conversations with Shawn Lusader, I told her about my analogy between body doubles and Milli Vanilli. To me, if people get upset with Milli Vanilli when they lip sync their songs, people should get really upset with an actress when she body doubles her nude scenes.


The Bare Facts Video Guide is mentioned in an article in Premiere magazine (June 1997--Nicolas Cage on the cover). It is in an interesting article by David Handelman about actresses doing nudity in films. He interviews Frances McDormand, Teri Hatcher, Patricia Arquette, Sheryl Lee and Deborah Unger. The article starts on page 31.


A reader reports that I have made a major mistake in The Bare Facts Video Guide--1997 Supplement. In the film, Jade, I somehow managed to incorrectly credit Linda Fiorentino as Debra Farentino! Fortunately, Linda Fiorentino is well known enough that most of you readers will catch this gaffe (Even if I didn't!) If I reprint the 1997 Supplement, this will be fixed. I have already made the correction in my database.

Another mistake I made was in the Actors section. There is an actor in Babe Watch: The Forbidden Parody who I credited as Stephen Lang. This should actually be Stephen Todd Lang. Stephen Lang is another actor who has appeared in such films as Tombstone and The Shadow Conspiracy. I apologize for any confusion.

Yet another mistake I made was accidentally swapping two actresses (Susan Gibney and Felicity Huffman) in the Showtime cable TV series, Bedtime. The correct way is Susan Gibney=Liz and Felicity Huffman=Donna. So in the 1997 Supplement, whenever is says Donna has a nude scene, it is Felicity with the nude scene. Whenever it says Liz has a nude scene, it is Susan.


The Bare Facts Video Guide is mentioned in an article in Details (February 1997--Drew Barrymore on the cover) about the magazine, Celebrity Skin. The article starts on page 114.


The Bare Facts Video Guide is quoted in Entertainment Weekly magazine (January 31, 1997--Woody Harrelson on the cover) in a blurb about Wes Craven's Scream. In the movie, the teen girls rent All the Right Moves to see Tom Cruise's privates. It's on the "Flashes" section on page 10.

1.10.97 - NEW ILM BOOK

For those of you who haven't read the "About the Author" section in the back of The Bare Facts Video Guide, you may not know that I used to work for George Lucas at his special-effects facility, Industrial Light and Magic. There is a new book out titled Industrial Light + Magic: Into the Digital Realm by Mark Cotta Vaz and Patricia Rose Duignan. Check out page 12 -- there's a photograph of me in front of the motion-control computer system I used to program.

12.30.96 - COOL VCR

If Santa didn't bring the VCR you wanted for a present, you might want to check out JVC's new HR-VP830U Hi-Fi Stereo VHS VCR. I have been using Mitsubishi VCR's because I need the two speed fast forward scan. The new JVC VCR has a Dynamic Drum System that tilts the VCR's head so that there are no horizontal noise bands when you visually fast forward. One other cool thing is that the audio channel is digitally sampled every few seconds when you fast forward, so you can partially listen to what's going on. The suggested retail price is $599.95, but I've seen it at the video stores for $399.99.

Disclaimer: I have no stock in JVC and this is NOT a paid advertisement! :-) I don't have one of these VCR's yet, so I don't have any long term experience with it, only from what I tested out at the video store.

12.19.97 - WIRED MENTION

The Bare Facts Video Guide book was reviewed in the January 1997 edition of WIRED magazine. (One of my favorite magazines!) Check it out in the "Street Cred" section on page 175.

7.23.96 - CD-ROM REVIEW

The Bare Facts Video Guide CD-ROM was reviewed in the July 26 edition of Entertainment Weekly magazine. Unfortunately, it wasn't a very good review. It only got a C- grade. Oh well, one thing that I've learned is that there is no such thing as bad publicity.


Thanks to the folks at Inside Edition! Last Friday, June 14th, they ran yet another story about The Bare Facts Video Guide. What was great for me was that I didn't have to do any work at all. They had interviewed me and aired a story about the book last November 1995. For the recent segment they simply re-edited some of my taped interview and broadcast the new story.


I just got off the phone with Marty Brenneis. Marty, as you may know, is my good friend who I was talking with at Industrial Light and Magic many years ago. We were working on Howard the Duck and Marty asked me who Lea Thompson was. This led me to the realization that there should be a book like The Bare Facts Video Guide to help people locate the nude scenes of their favorite celebrities on video tape.

Marty still works at ILM (lucky guy), whereas I left back in 1987 after my wife and I were going to have our first child. During breaks in Marty's ILM schedule, he works around the Bay Area for other non-ILM productions. Marty is a true Jack-of-All-Trades, but one of his specialties is synchronizing the display of a TV screen or computer monitor with a 24 frame-per-second film camera so you don't see those horizontal bars across the screen. He does a lot of stuff for the weekly TV series Nash Bridges.

Anyway, Marty called me up today because he is working on a film shot in Marin County called Wes Craven's Scream. It seems that Mr. Craven wanted to have part of Halloween to be seen on a TV in his movie. Specifically, he wanted the part with the nude scene. They were having trouble locating the nude scene on the video tape, so Marty called me on his cellular phone. I was able to tell him exactly what part to fast forward to. I'll call Marty tomorrow and have him tell Mr. Craven to include lots of gratuitous nudity in his new movie.


Please help me boycott InStyle magazine! For the June 1996 issue, the author of a story about body doubles called me and asked me for quite a bit of information. She thanked me for my help and said that The Bare Facts Video Guide would be mentioned somewhere in the article.

I excitedly went to the grocery store this morning to buy a copy and was very depressed to find an article about body doubles, but no mention of The Bare Facts Video Guide. I hate when this happens! Do any other authors have problems like this? I was thinking of asking for a fee upfront and return the fee if the book is mentioned or keep the fee if the book is not mentioned.


Good news for Bare Facts fans in the United Kingdom and Down Under! Be on the lookout for The Bare Facts Video Guide - 1996 Edition washing up on your shores soon. It will be distributed by Titan Books in England and Australia starting July 1996. This will make it easier and cheaper for foreign readers to obtain the book.


The award for the most frustrating non-nude scene goes to Laura San Giacomo in Nina Takes a Lover. At 56 minutes into the film, she has a long love scene that almost shows her breasts. Due to camera angles and the guy's strategically placed arm, you get cheated from seeing any of the good parts. You wish that you could move the camera slightly to a better viewpoint. This is definitely one of the most frustrating moments in Bare Facts cinematic history! Come to think of it, Laura had an almost nude scene in Under Suspicion also. I hope this doesn't become a habit!

Any guesses on who the next big celebrity to do her first nude scene might be? I read somewhere that Halle Berry promised her (now ex-) husband that she wouldn't do a nude scene. Now that she's getting divorced, hopefully she'll change her mind about nudity also!

I am going to make a prediction about the upcoming film Striptease with Demi Moore: I think it will be unsuccessful at the box office, but very successful at the video store. When the first thing you hear about a movie is that the lead actress has a nude scene, it tends to answer a lot of moviegoers questions about what is the most important part of the film. Striptease will follow in the footsteps of films like Showgirls and Exit to Eden where the video rentals enable the film makers to recoup their losses.