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7.21.00 - LAUREN HAYS

Lauren Hays

Lauren Hays is a beautiful, friendly and smart actress who has been doing a lot of things for Playboy lately. Check out her web site.

11.24.97 - ASK ISADORA

Ask Isadora

Isadora Alman, who writes a nationally syndicated newspaper advice column called Ask Isadora, has mentioned The Bare Facts Video Guide to her readers. Click here to visit her web site, The Sexuality Forum. It is a forum for mature discussion of sexuality and relationships.

11.22.97 - WOMEN OF THE WEB

Women of the Web

Actress Shauna O'Brien has a web site for herself and some of her gorgeous girlfriends. You can purchase autographed photos from Shauna and Barbara Moore, Anita Hart, Brooke Morales, Elisa Maldonado, Yvette Nelson (a.k.a. Yvette Stephens), Tawnni Cable, Echo Johnson, Griffin Drew and Julie Kristen Smith. There is also a monthly membership plan that will give you access to private photo albums and catalogs. You will also be able to enter the chat and talk with the girls.


Panacea Pick of the Week

Congratulations, The Bare Facts has been selected as a Panacea Pick of the Week by the orderlies at Dr. Daniel's Movie Emergency, on the web at:


Dr. Daniel says: "This honor is reserved for only the best and brightest of movie-related sites on the World Wide Web, and should be considered a major achievement."

5.4.97 - SCREEN IT!

Screen It!

Screen it! is a web site that helps parent's determine which movies, videos and music are appropriate for their children to see and hear. Screen It! has very detailed descriptions for alcohol/drugs, guns/weapons, profanity, smoking, violence, etc. (Things that readers of this web site don't really care about). What's most important for you and I, they have descriptions about SEX and NUDITY in films and videos. Highly recommended. Much more thorough than Entertainment Weekly's Parent's Guide.

2.17.97 - TV GUIDE

TV Guide

TV Guide magazine has a great web page that you can use to look up upcoming TV schedules. They also have a great online movie database that is based on Cinebook's encyclopedic reference set.


Movies Unlimited

Movies Unlimited is the world's oldest and most reliable source for videocassettes by mail order. Choose from over 45,000 different titles in every imaginable category, including classics from the past, musicals, foreign films, "B" westerns, movie serials, TV shows, and much more.

10.29.96 - SARA ST. JAMES

Sara St. James

Up and coming actress Sara St. James (recently seen in Femalien ) will have a new listing in the 1997 Supplement of The Bare Facts Video Guide. She has her own web page: click here.

5.24.96 - NIKKI FRITZ

Nikki Fritz

Actress Nikki Fritz has a great web site check it out at http://www.nikkifritz.com/.


An interesting internet news group to subscribe to is rec.arts.movies.erotica. There is a guy who calls himself, The Director, who keeps a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list of items like whether or not the girl who played Cindy Brady has ever done a porn film (the answer is no, by the way), etc. Check out the r.a.m.e. web site by clicking here.