The Bare Facts Mentions on The Web

Here's a list of websites that mention The Bare Facts. Let me know if I've missed any! - Fred Topel interviewed me on the telephone and wrote a great, long article (I didn't realize I said "like" so much!)

The Adrienne Barbeau Link Factory - An Adrienne Barbeau fan's website

Adult Video News - Magazine

Alternative Cinema - Magazine

Badger Gift Wish List - Some guy's lists of books he wants

BBC Online Russia - Article about Julia Roberts--all in Russian

Berlin Online - Germany

Body Vibes - Adult toys

Breast Files - Information about breasts: Bra sizes, history, humor, slang, celebrity and more

Brady Bunch - Top 10 Questions About "The Brady Bunch"

Brian Gari's Website - A contributor's website listing his accomplishments

Bruce Greenwood - A Bruce Greenwood fan's website

Celeb Club - Nude celebrity links (pay)

Celebrity Community - Nude celebrity links - Link to The Bare Facts from Sweden--in Swedish

Cinemorgue - Guide to celebrity death scenes. Alisa Christensen's listing mentions The Bare Facts

City Pages - Movie review site. Swordfish review mentions The Bare Facts

Cybersocket - Gay and Lesbian online information.

Click [Search] and enter "Bare Facts" in the "Search By Keyword!" field, then click [GO!]

The DA of Erotica - List of Dax Hutcheson's favorite erotica websites

The Dark Fetish Yellowpages - Directory of fetish websites

Die Datenschlag-Chronik des Sadomasochismus - Timeline of Sadomasochism. In German.

Defekt - I think this is a review of The Bare Facts Video Guide book. In Swedish.

Click on "Nakna Facta"

Dragon's Breath - UK Small Press Review and Independent Newsletter.

Dr. Daniel's Movie Emergency - Movie reviews

Scroll almost to the bottom after "Nov. 27 - 29" or seach for "Bare Facts."

EI Independent Cinema - B-movie review magazine

El Imbécil Virtual - Some guy from Austin, Texas writes about the book--in Spanish, I think

Eros Books - Erotic film book reviews

Erotikknett - I think this is a review of The Bare Facts Video Guide. In Norwegian.

The Fake Detective - Analyzes and debunks fake nude celebrity pictures. I helped him on one case.

Fat Sofa - List of websites for couch potatoes

Gail's Booklist - A reader's ever-growing list of books

The Globe and Mail - Canadian newspaper and website. Article about Salma Hayek, nudity and The Bare Facts.

GuyLinks - Links to stuff guys are interested in. The Bare Facts was their Site of the Moment in November 2002.

Heather Langencamp - A Heather Langencamp fan's website

Hirusite Talk BBS for the Web - Bulletin board message thread about celebrites with hairy forearms - Hollywood gossip

Hot Body - Great videotapes of beautiful, sexy women

The Hot Button - Movie news and reviews by David Poland (Los Angeles, California)

Howard Stern News - Links to books mentioned on The Howard Stern Radio Show

IGN for Men - Website thread about celebrity nudity

The Impermanent Press - Small press publisher

In-Movies Gossip - UK movie news and reviews website. Short book review. - List of someone's (Ivan's?) favorite websites

Jodrel Bank - Britt Ekland - A Britt Ekland fan's website

Jodrel Bank - Criticos - His favorite media links

Joe Bob Briggs - Drive-in movie critic

Jonathan Brandis - A Jonathan Brandis fan's website

Julia Louis-Dreyfus - A fan's website

Kari - NY Post article that mentions Kari Wuhrer

KnumbKnuts - Videogames

Laser Scans - DVD guide, reviews and store

Luz - Sexual education webstie from Mexico

Mark's Friggin' Stern Show News - Summary of my appearance on The Howard Stern Show on 7.31.97

Mauvaise Honte's Top 50 Hottest Women of the World - No longer updated

Midnight Owl Video - Information about softcore/T&A videos and movies

Milkwaukee Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Community Center - List of books

Moviefan Online - "Girl, Interrupted" discussion

Naughty Linx - List of books

The News-Times Online - An article by Andy Wickstrom about the book from 4.18.95

The New Zealand Space Programme - Music

Nitro Video - Celebrity nudity information

Oh, the Humanity! - Bad movie reviews

Pizza-Online - List of websites. Germany. - The Official Website of rec.arts.movies.erotica - Peter van Aarle's section.

Click on "other sex related sites"

Some Japanese Guy - Some guy from Japan writes about the book--in Japanese

Streakerama - A Celebration of Streaking and Streakers

Michael L. Taylor - A bunch of movie reviews

TechTV - Martin Sargent's CES 2001 Diary

Time - Magazine

Topless Review - Website for information about British actresses nude scenes

Uncle Scoopy's Fun House - Celebrity nude photos

University of Nottingham - Rebecca D. Feasey, from the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom, writes an excellent review/opinion of The Bare Facts Video Guide. She stands up for the book against Loaded magazine's put-down review. At the end she states "I thank the author for his controversial contribution to the academic community." You're welcome! Click here for Rebecca's credentials.

USA Today - Article about Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's nude scene history before Eyes Wide Shut

Videorom - Video & DVD information from Germany. In PDF format.

Wired - Magazine

Wired - Website

Wonderland - A Wonder Woman fan's website

Zosie - Some guy's website