The Bare Facts Video Guide
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The 2001 Edition Book

The Bare Facts Video Guide--2001 Edition is available. Like the 1998 Edition, it is a full edition (no more supplements!) The cost is $24.95 (+$3.00 for shipping). There are sections for actresses and titles only--no actor information. (As always, actor, magazine and one-timer data can still be found on The Bare Facts Video Guide CD-ROM.)

The Bare Facts Video Guide--2001 Edition is available by mail order only (it will not be sold in book stores any more.)

For those who have not ordered directly from The Bare Facts, you can rest assured that your book will arrive discretely packaged in a proverbial "plain brown box."

The 2001 Edition CD-ROM

Locating the nude scenes of your favorite actors and actresses on video tape is now a little easier. The Bare Facts Video Guide CD-ROM • 2001 is available. Instead of flipping through pages, the nude scene of your favorite celebrity is just a few keystrokes away. The CD-ROM includes the same information as the paper book version in addition to all the magazine references and the “one-timer” actresses (actresses who have nude scenes in only one film and are never seen in another film again). The CD-ROM is updated annually.

The mixed-mode CD-ROM runs on both the Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP and the Macintosh/PowerPC platforms, so there is no need to ask for a specific version. You can search by media title, person’s name, character name or appearance.

There are no pictures on the CD-ROM, but a feature of the program allows you to display one image for each person listed on the CD-ROM. The catch is you have to obtain the images yourself, either from the World Wide Web or with your own scans. For example, once you store an image file of Sharon Stone on your hard disk, whenever you open her entry with the CD-ROM, it will display Ms. Stone's image. The image file can be anything you want, a face shot, a nude shot, etc.

The Bare Facts Video Guide CD-ROM • 2001 is available only from The Bare Facts. The cost is $29.95 plus $3.00 for postage.







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more than 15,500 total media titles
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6,700 of the media titles have nude information


November 2001

July 2001

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